3 Hulu Tips To Make Your Life Better

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO—the entertainment options available to modern people are extensive, and if you’re going to get everything, you’d best find yourself some sort of Roku or Firestick just to reduce complication. Regardless of whether or not you go that route, you may want to keep in mind the following Hulu tips to make using it less complicated.

1. Did You Know Your Smartphone Can Be A “Remote”?

Your smartphone need not be a useless piece of technology you fiddle with between watching movies. You can actually co-opt it into the entertainment process, making it like a remote control. All you’ve got to do is download the Hulu app, and you no longer need to worry about losing your remote. Certainly, you could lose your smartphone, but that’s less likely.

2. Know Where Your “Eject” Button Is

Hulu isn’t terribly expensive, but if you’re using HBO, and Hulu, and Netflix, and Amazon, these options can get costly month to month. Sometimes it may be the right thing for you to liquidate one of your many entertainment options. It’s nice to know how to do that. The thing is, different media will predicate different methods of “ejecting”.

For example, if you’re using something like a Roku or a Firestick, there are steps you’ll need to take in order to get rid of Hulu, should the need arise. You do have the ability to cancel on the Firestick if Hulu isn’t operating the way it should.

With any streaming content service, understanding how to quickly cancel it is vital. Oftentimes these services automatically collect payment from your bank account, and the charge is small enough you might not notice for months. Meanwhile, though you have access to entertainment content, you haven’t been using it, so your money is wasted.

It’s a lot better to understand how to get out of this sort of arrangement. Also, you can watch content for free this way. Groups like Hulu tend to offer a one-month free trial. So you get the trial, watch the show you wanted to, then cancel before the month matures. Voila, free content.

3. When You’re Not Using It, Initiate A “Temporary Pause”

Something many who use subscription services fail to realize is that they can temporarily pause those services when they’re not in use. Those who have a gym membership often find out about this around the holidays. Hulu members likewise have this ability, if they want it.

Essentially, if you’re going to, say, travel abroad for a few months, for one thing you’ll need all the monetary resources you can muster. For another, you’re probably going to be too busy discovering new things to get caught up in some television or film series as you would while in your home country. In such scenarios, a temporary pause allows you to resume on your terms.

Having Your Hulu And Enjoying It To The Max

In many ways, Hulu is considered superior to Netflix; but today’s media empire has transitioned an echelon up from the empire of the twentieth century. Where before you’d have 200 channels, now you’ll have a dozen media groups with specific content. It’s like a holographic channel where you can choose the shows you want on your terms.

Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime—the list goes on. Then there are “Free” contenders like, and Crackle. These are the true “TV channels” of the modern generation. If you’re going to get the most for the least, you would do well to understand how they’re used.

In terms of Hulu maximization, you can pause or cancel easily, and use your smartphone as a remote. Other similar content options will operate along similar lines. If you can do something on one streaming content provider, you’ll likely be able to do it in another.

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