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3 Insurance Marketing Tactics To Increase Leads Generation And Sales

Are you implementing modern marketing tactics to own insurance leads?

Lead generation is quintessential for insurance companies. Without potential leads, you can lose clients to your competitors, which means you can lose your business permanently.

Reports say, 78% of prospects convert with the first party to make contact. Contacting the leads first and persistent follow up is the key to have more leads and boost conversion. This pattern shows a general concern across all sectors that rely on lead generation.

While traditional marketing continues to be an effective tactic, there’s a much better approach. We have outlined the top 3 marketing strategies for insurance companies. Take a look!

Establish Content Marketing

According to stats, content marketing takes 62% less effort and generates more leads than traditional marketing. Using good content methodology inherently attracts prospects’ attention, and continuous exposure to educational content also nurtures your lead.

Further, focusing on answering the queries your prospects are already searching for will rank you in search engines with your articles. Creating content is one of the best insurance agent marketing plan to build a large audience base on social media.

It is the best resource to engage your future policyholders and convert them into social promoters. When your content is shared by a large audience, you can benefit from a big boost of social proof. The insurance business especially is well-positioned to advantage from social referrals. So, it’s crucial to amp up your social media strategy.

Make sure to create relevant and useful content that helps your customers achieve their goals. It is a smart strategy to use an internal promotional checklist. Here is the sample:

  • Be consistent to share your content on social media (video content, articles, info graphics, case studies, webinars, etc.)
  • Post your content in target social communities. For instance, try publishing blogs to a LinkedIn community discussing personal finance.
  • Post the content to your email newsletter.

 Leverage Email Automation 

Let’s be honest- Creating good content, keeping up with a monthly newsletter are some real struggles. Further, add in social media, blogging, and other communications make it overwhelming! While outsourcing content creation can resolve the issue, you still have to design email templates and send out emails consistently.

Email marketing is still a channel that you can’t afford to avoid. It helps you stay in front of policyholders. With email automation, you can take the benefit of custom content, clean data, and automated software without any hassle.

With Email automation, you can send action triggered emails to target prospects with more efficient, personalized, and relevant information. Automation is used for a variety of marketing purposes. This helps you stay top of mind with your past, current, and future clients thanks to valuable email presence.

Be an Active Member of Your Community

Volunteering is an efficient way to establish your reputation as an active member of the community. You can also show your commitment by:

  • Advising a local charity on insurance benefits.
  • Hosting seminars for small businesses.
  • Participating in meetings in your area or online forums.
  • Assisting clients’ relatives or friends when appropriate.

Do not take these situations as a sales presentation. While your target is to generate leads, your aim should be to help people. Eventually, your sincerity will draw clients to your agency.

Now that you know the pattern from these strategies, you can improve the quantity and quality of your leads. Content marketing helps you get an active social media presence. Focusing on nurturing existing clients will help you drive referrals to your business!

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