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When using office programs, productivity and reliability are everything. Even more, when you are dealing with important information stored in electronic formats like PDF or Microsoft Office formats, it’s essential to have access to powerful and intuitive software that can work around those formats.

Able2Extract Professional promises us exactly that — excellent document management, with the ability to create, convert, edit, OCR, and sign any PDF with a wide range of advanced options.

Let’s find out whether it lives up to our expectations or not.

The Interface

As soon as the program is started, you immediately notice how the interface is divided into five main sections:

The first section is all about the main tools that are nested under the appropriate tabs.

The second section is used to navigate through your document and explore any bookmarks and attachments.

The third section is the main working area where your PDF shows up once you open it.

The fourth section is populated with additional options and settings that change depending on the tool you are currently working with.

Finally, the fifth section consists of different navigation tools used to zoom in, zoom out, rotate pages, etc.

It is also noteworthy that Able2Extract Professional comes with dark theme support that is suitable for users who work in low light conditions. And you have the option to switch the UI language to English, Spanish, French, or German.

The Features

Able2Extract Professional has a rich set of features that should enable you to do almost anything with your PDF documents.

The software comes with seven distinct tabs that are populated with tools you can use to manipulate your files in different ways.

Create PDF

Able2Extract Professional supports instant PDF creation from more than 300 different file formats. You can use it to create a PDF that can be opened and viewed by any PDF reader. It also allows you to create PDF files from MS Word, Excel, etc. on a large scale using the batch creator tool.

Convert PDF

Accurately converting PDF to other formats is what Able2Extract Professional is all about.

The PDF Converter can intelligently extract content from PDF to Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, AutoCAD, Text, and various image formats. Powerful Optical Character Recognition engine is integrated for dealing with scanned, image-based documents.

The most notable feature is that you don’t have to convert the entire PDF document to your desired format, you can easily export only the parts you need, like a single paragraph or page.

During our testing, the original fonts, images, and formatting remain consistent after conversion. Like with PDF creation, Able2Extract Professional can convert entire collections of PDFs to MS Office, AutoCAD, and HTML in a single go.

Sign PDF

Whether you need to quickly sign a PDF with an electronic signature, or apply a more specialized digital signature, Able2Extract Professional can meet any signing need.

You can easily type, draw, or import your signature image and apply it to your document. More demanding users can achieve a higher level of security and compliance with digital signatures, but only if they have a valid digital certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA).

Edit PDF

There are many ways you can modify your PDF document with Able2Extract Professional. You can tailor the PDF content right on the spot, making all changes and edits instantly visible.

The software gives you the full editing control, whether you need to add, delete, and edit text and images within your PDF.

You can seamlessly insert, extract, delete and rotate pages, add annotations or redact sensitive data to make your PDF into a custom creation.

The Verdict

The software features a powerful toolbox full of advanced PDF conversion and editing functionalities, and everything is nicely packed inside an intuitive UI.

If you want to test it out yourself, head over to the developers download page and get a free trial (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms).

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