Most Impactful Tactics To Generate And Nurture B2B Leads

Ohh, thy B2B leads!

How fervently you are desired!

How greatly you are sought!

But how so freaking difficult to get hold of!

Summing up the greatest desire of every business owners and entrepreneurs, this would be it:

“I. Want. More. Leads!”

The sad truth is that the process of gaining B2B leads is not that easy, with some niches particularly difficult to penetrate!

And while you are probably an expert in the marketing process and deeply understands the importance of creating an ideal customer persona, identifying a target market, having a foundation of great content and streamlining your unique selling propositions, what you need now are ways, techniques, strategies, tactics, or whatever you want to call them.

Speak At Events In Your Industry

There are a lot of conferences, trade expos, B2B events that you can attend or join. However, becoming a key contributor to such events can majorly give that amp on your credibility as one of the authorities in your industry.

In addition, you will also have the undivided attention of a relevant audience— such a huge opportunity to impress, don’t you think?

So, the next time that you get invited to be a speaker at an event, don’t even think twice and say “Oh, yes” as quickly as you can. Oh, and it does not hurt to volunteer for such events either.

Develop a Customized Email Campaign

The emails you construct need to speak the language of your recipients— whether this means acting like a millennial and writing in an informal style with all the emojis, slang, and GIFs or being a total expert and lacing your content with academic prose.

Still, the core information of your email does not have to change— just the delivery mechanism which is based on the personality of the reader.

Pro Tip: Include a strong CTA in your email signature!

And before you even tell me:

“Of course, there should be CTA, etc.”

We’re talking about taking it a step further and placing a CTA button at the end of your regular emails right under that fancy signature of yours. It should link to your primary landing page or to your latest piece of content.

Use Marketing Automation Software

If you are trying to improve and nurture your lead without using a good marketing automation software, then you are working hard; true, but not working smart!

Automating the scoring and nurturing of leads in your funnel is super simple to understand. Now, if your sales funnel only has a handful of leads in it, then sure, you can do it yourself, manually.

However, scaling your sales is virtually impossible without automation.

In order to effectively grow your sales, you will not have the time, the attention to little details or even the analytical horsepower to measure, track and respond to each and every interaction over the totality of your ever-changing prospect database.

Marketing automation software to the rescue, giving you invaluable measurement and analytics necessary to improve lead quality. Plus, it provides an overview of how each of your leads behaves in your sales funnel and how your marketing strategies areaffecting sales, lead generation and revenues.

Increase Engagement

Relationships are everything in sales.

Talking to customers who reach out to you is an excellent way to build and improve that relationship. Thus, when people reach out to you with queries about your company or product, rather than just referring them to your blogs, websites, and videos, you can ask if they mind having a real conversation with you through phone calls, chats or video calls.

If an individual asked something, do not just offer them a link to a knowledge base, consider asking a direct call to walk them through, offering you yet another possibility to sell and generate leads.

And if you are emailing with your lead, you can ask for a video call. During a video call, ask for a meetup.

Regardless of what you do, you need to try and get closer to your prospects every time that you interact with them.


So, there you have it. These are just some of the best tactics to get those leads you always dreamed of. You can always look for more upcoming strategies, but these 4 tactics should be your priority to get those sales going.

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