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Last Year, Mobile App Downloads From The App Stores and Play Store Crossed 204 billion

While in 2020, to have a “Mobile App” is the pioneer for the business world. In fact, it is as evident as eating or even breathing. As already observed in 2016, mobile internet traffic successfully crossed traffic desktop globally with no sign of stopping. Also, it is assumed that mobile app and devices are conquering 65% of the total time spent on digital media.

As per Smart Insights, 90% of the time actually spent is using mobile apps. And, it is no more a surprise, why 62% of the businesses are having a mobile app or are in the search to hire software developers or proficient app developers.

Meanwhile, the idea to hire the right team of developers may seem intriguing, it is no less than a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. And, to choose between the freelancers, offshore development partners, local app developers may confuse you further.

Herein, I will help you with the show once and for all guidelines to find the right technology partner you can rely on to turn your multi-million-dollar idea in a fully operational mobile and web app.

Follow and Find The “RIGHT TYPE” OF Partner That Will Work for You in Dubai

As you know every continent is having their footsteps cemented in their region, hiring the right software companies in Dubai along with an extensive backdrop in crafting mobile and web apps is a different deal altogether.

Undeniably, working with not an ideal development company can seem like a black-box and often encounter some language barriers. But, now is the time to be ULTRA-SELECTIVE while choosing app development companies.


With more than 6,000 mobile and software development companies registered on B2B platforms like Clutch (preferably a buyer’s market), Good firm, and Glassdoor, it is important to be ultra-selective while selecting for your project.

Therefore, using a reputable website like Clutch help you in choosing an app developer.

You must be thinking about why B2B Platform like Clutch?

Simple, as their ranking methodology considers validated customer review and Clutch analyst assessment access “Customer Experience” and “Market Presence”.

This is not enough! It helps you more in the following ways:

  • It ensures the listed budget ranges are “in the ballpark”. But they are not confined to the suggested ranges, and the agency is ready to work with you if they believe in your prospects or sees the potential for future opportunities with you down the lane.
  • It analyzes the client’s past review, to make sure the firm you are aligning with is a verified and 4 stars certified for a project like yours.

After all, you can contact more than one company to tick the boxes of your business’s unique yet futuristic needs.

Technical Maintenance $ Support

It’s mandatory to check for the availability of the technical maintenance and support after the app is developed as it is customary for the app to face some concerns when it is made live on the Google Play or another app store that needs developers to address the issue.

Further, after receiving the feedback from the user, there might be chances to re-launch the app in the app store. Thus, the technical maintenance and support team plays a significant role in app development.

Potential Abilities of The In-House Experts

Today, many small-size firms do not have complete facilities to carry the app development process in-house. So, they think to outsource their project requirements.

But, before you proceed ahead with the outsourcing option, make sure the company does not just brag about its achievement, instead it is honest about it. Their experts are available to communicate with the external team whenever needed.

A Look at The Distinctive Portfolio

An underlying instance of the portfolio gives you a rough idea about the technical capabilities of the company. Also, make sure to go through some of the listed completed projects to have expertise about the work capability and methodology of the company.

Do the needed research of the past project completed by the firm. Moreover, you can validate whether the company possess the relevant experience required to build your apps and projects.

Review the Bid

While top things to consider for hiring an app development company is reputation and estimation. Next comes the time to “Go Critical”.

Because some companies make decisions solely based on the price at this juncture, as they adhere that their earlier due diligence leaves cost the only remaining factor.

Price – Model

In order to gratify the client with uttermost comfort and convenience for their project, the right development firm follows three distinctive types of price models.

They are as follow:

Here, you need to redefine the scope, requirements, and timeline, and proceed with a fixed-price amount for the final product. This comes out to be low-risk options for clients and proves to be the best fit in for situations where specification and scope for the project are clear and simple.

If you are opting for the dedicated hiring model, then you can hire a team of dedicated developers for your project development and keep the project and task management in-house. You simply need to pay a fixed monthly fee for the resource you use.

Even, you can choose skilled resources and complete the development process with retaining the in-depth knowledge.

Time-&-Material Hiring Model

While the key factors to hire software companies in Dubai, include time, quality, and quantity so, the time-&-material hiring model does a pivotal role.

In this model, project and effort are evaluated in terms of execution of time and resources deployed. If in case you are ready to invest in the continuous and gradual development of the app, then this is simply the ideal fit for you.

As a surprise, there are some “Hidden” details. Some of the crucial information is not present in the paper. So, don’t forget to ask the important question like:

  • How the project team will look like?”
  • “Who will be the developers? Are they full-time employees of the organizations?”
  • “What systems, technologies, and platforms the firm will use to complete the project?”
  • “What will be the main point of contact? How often the team can communicate with the user?”
  • “What are the two biggest challenges the leading software development company foresee in your project aspect?
  • “What Views you share about their business plan?”

At the Last… To abreast the competitive graph in the dynamically changing era, all that matter is aligning with the right software companies in UAE that are passionate about developing the one-of-its kind apps for both – Mobile and web.

So, as a tip: You must carry out comprehensive research before hiring an app development partner.

Lastly, hopefully this blog will help you in exploring the undiscovered dimensions of the business world with the basics of the hiring process. And, simultaneously it helps you with the latest trends of the techno-world.

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