Technology Behind Online Casino Gambling Software

Casino gambling has come out of the taboo and is being widely played by people of all age groups across the world. Although a few states have banned it, there are many other states who have legalized casino gambling. Owing to its wide popularity, there is a huge demand for proper software to gamble online. To meet this growing demand, online casino game developers incorporate cutting-edge technologies. This is to ensure the best online gambling experience. Besides, there are different types of casino game software. Depending upon the type of software, the technologies used will differ.

This article is to explain the various types of online casino software and the technologies that power up the online casino software.

Types Of Casino Game Software

There are three major types of online casino software, such as:

  • Downloadable software
  • Flash software
  • Mobile software

Downloadable software

This type of software needs to be downloaded and installed in the system. The performance is better when compared to other types of software. Users will just have to visit the website, download the file, and install it in their device. When the installation is successful, they have to create their account and start gambling. It is as simple as that! Some top downloadable casino games include Big Fish Casino, Vegas Penny Slots 3, Poker Night 2, BVS Solitaire Collection, etc.

Flash Software

This type of software need not be downloaded. It can be accessed online. This gives users the privilege of trying out different games before settling with one. Besides, this doesn’t eat up a lot of the storage space in the device. So, the users can experience a lag-free gaming experience, provided they have the required internet connection and the device strength. The most commonly used programming languages for the development of online casino games are HTML5, JAVA, C#, C++, etc. Some popular online casino games include Stacks O’ Gold Online Slot, Playboy Gold Slot, Planet of The Apes Online Slot, and many more.

Mobile software

This type of software is particularly developed for mobile platforms. This covers all operating systems. Usually, mobile software is cross-platform compatible. However, there is exclusive software for specific operating systems too. To get the best gaming experience, users need to have a device that has enough features to support the game. Most mobile casino games are free to download. They are loaded with a ton of exciting features for the benefit of the users. Some games even allow users to bet without limits. Some of the most popular mobile casinos include Vegas Teen Patti, Roulette Royale, Slots Billionaire, etc.

Various Technologies That Are Used In Casino Game Software

For good software to survive in the market, it is important to be powered with the best of technologies. The following are the major technologies that are employed in the development of casino game software.

Tools for casino game software development

The development of casino game software constitutes several stages, including idea generation, prototyping of software, and coding to develop the software before it is being tested and launched. During this process, there are several tools being used.

  • Tools for market research – Google Analytics, Tableau, Social Mention, etc.
  • Tools for software prototyping – InVision, Marvel, Sketch, etc.
  • Tools for software coding – Unity, Angular, Mongo DB, etc.

Live casinos

This is a subcategory of online casino software. Here, the players deal with live dealers. Live casinos are gaining popularity, owing to its transparency. Users can know what happens throughout the gameplay. This makes live casinos more reliable and thus enjoyable. For this type of software, the casino should have dedicated staff and other resources.  Besides, live casinos employ OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It is a form of data convertor that bridges the gap between the dealers and the players.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

All casino games are secured with Secure Socket Layers. For those who don’t know about SSL, it is the technology of Data Encryption Protocols. This helps in the encryption of the link between the server and the browser. Thus, the data remains private and secure. In other words, SSL ensures that the network connection is private and secure.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The use of VR and AR has raised hugely in casino software development. It helps in improving reality, thereby providing the best gaming experience. Both virtual and augmented reality constitute the futuristic approaches to casino software development and are being widely accepted.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generators are used to estimate the outcomes of the casino games. There are two types of Random Number Generators: Hardware Random Number Generators and the Pseudo-Random Number Generators. The former refers to a hardware device that generates random numbers while the latter employs various mathematical operations for the generation of random numbers. Thus, RNG stands as a major factor that augments the fun of the gameplay.

Payment methods

The advancements in technology have streamlined the financial transactions to the best possible extent, making them faster and more secure than ever before. There are several payment methods followed across the world. Paypal is emerging as one of the most popular payment methods, while credit cards are also being used widely. Users can also pay with the help of eWallets. However, these practices vary from state to state due to the varying legislation in every country.

Summing Up!

From this article, you should be clear about the various technologies that are used in casino game software. If you are an entrepreneur interested in setting foot in the highly monetizing industry of online casino gambling business, then make sure to get the perfect software that is equipped with the latest technologies.

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