Top 10 iPhone Unlocking Providers

When you buy a new phone it will generally be SIM-locked to a specific carrier until your contract expires. Your phone also has an IMEI number that is connected to your SIM by your network, which makes unlocking even more difficult.

Unlocking an iPhone is made even more difficult, as the software is harder to crack and the method can vary. Having said that, it’s not impossible, and there are trusted websites that can help.

Searching for the best phone unlocking software can be a challenging task. There are several free unlocking software, but not all of them work. So we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 ways of how to unlock your iPhone 11 Max Pro, Pro, XS, XS Max…and just about any model.

1 CellUnlocker.Net

CellUnlocker is among the most reliable and secure service providers to get your phone unlocked – at a reasonable price. They’re one of the fastest service providers and one of the most trusted. They’re 24/7 support comes in handy and they have certifications that give you peace of mind. Check them out if you’re in the market to unlock your iPhone or Android phone.

2 doctorSIM

Filling out a form seems easy enough to start – they’ll ask you to enter in your model, location, carrier, and a few others. Upon receiving your request, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to move forward. 24/7 support is also available here, which is a definite plus. This provider offers a discount for 5+ phones and even works for blacklisted phones – although that appears to be temporary and doesn’t remove the phone from being on the blacklist.

3 UnlockBase

UnlockBase is known as exceptional unlocking software with simple and easy instructions to follow. It has unlocked more than five million phones since 2004 in 165 countries. You have to send your IMEI number and select the model of your phone and its manufacturer, at which point you will receive the unlock code UnlockBase will then send you the code as soon as possible. Then just enter the code to remove all the restrictions from your phone and follow the instructions. Money-back guarantee is a plus point provided by the software, and even if you find lower prices, negotiation of their costs is done. Their Customer service facility is available 24/7.

4 Unlock My Phone — TheUnlockr

Both iPhone and Android use these methods and carry over 15,395 mobile phones worldwide. The Unlockr has a partner shipped with Unlock My Phone for IMEI unlock service. Alike the other unlocking services, select your model number and send your IMEI number. You can choose any payment method such as PayPal, Western Union, cryptocurrencies, debit, and credit cards to make your payment. In case of delay in receiving your code, there is an option to track your order – hackers and expert engineers are the part of their team. TheUnlockr works to delicately unlock your phone. You can choose different SIM cards without any problem and can remove restrictions of any carrier.

5 Unlockunit

GSM phones are unlocked as quickly as 1 minute, in more than 200 countries like the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia. More than 1 million phones unlock, and Unlockunit has been in business for more than seven years. Their technique can be used for different providers like T Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, Rogers, and more. You can access your IMEI number by dialing *#06# and filling in the application. You have to complete your payment method and provide details for your mobile phones and location. Insert an unregistered SIM, and enter the unlock code you received in your email to permanently unlock your phone. It comes with a friendly team service that is ready to help and answer your queries.

6 FreeUnlocks

It is the best deal if you are looking to unlock your phone for free. FreeUnlocks is a software which is not free of cost, but you can use it for free using TrialPay. The unlocking mechanism is the same as you need to provide your IMEI number along with your mobile carrier details. You will receive your code and instructions to follow by email in a short time. It has unlocked over 96,500 phones and introduced in 2009. There is no fear of spyware or malware as you don’t have to download anything. You will receive a refund of payment if, for any reason, the service is not available for your phone.

7 DC-unlocker

This versatile software works for routers and modems, unlike others, this tool doesn’t use your IMEI number, but you have to download the DC-unlocker on your computer system. It comes with accessible functions to use and user-friendly interface where you can unlock multiple devices at once. To connect your device, you have to use a USB cable to the computer and unlock it. There is no need to choose COM ports as this software automatically detects your device, Download DC-unlocker for free and uses it on your phone or modem; you can generate firmware update codes as it allows. The other useful tools that this website offers for your Android are unlimited unlock code generating programs.

8 is reliable and trusted by millions of people to unlock over 4 million phones successfully to date. You will be able to unlock any of your phones, Android and iPhones, in three simple steps and will get the required unlocking code in just two minutes. The process is completely safe, guaranteed, and secure. They also provide a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support to answer your queries.

9 Speedy Unlocks

Speedy unlocks is known for providing the fastest results to permanently unlock your phone with easy to understand and simple instructions. They provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case the provided unlock code doesn’t work. Their exceptional customer support along with safe and secure services are what make them a secure and reliable service provider in the domain of unlocking the carrier-specific phones.


It is among the safest phone unlocking websites providing the services of phone unlocking at a reasonable price. The company claims that its services are the cheapest among all and offers a money-back guarantee to ensure the results of unlocking codes.

No matter which software/service provider you choose, ensure that your information and personal data is secured. Be aware of the cons out there and get your phone unlocked from a reliable source.

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